Printly is an AWESOME new product by Ike Paz that teaches you how to make money creating and selling Printables online. It’s very simple and Newbie friendly with NO competition.

What is Printly about?

Printly is Ike's lowkey method of selling printables which has been pulling him 1.2k/mo passively with free traffic and only about 20 minutes of work per day.

Ike's no guru or serial product launch guy. He's just a regular guy living in Japan who found a little gem to make money online without selling people ‘make money online' related products.

Printly is a super simple method. No selling skills needed. Any newbie can learn this and do it easily because there's no competition.

The 4 Main Modules Are :

1. Module 1 : it contains a welcome video 30s long, and a product idea research video using only free tools.

2. Module 2 : Ike Paz will show you how to create different types of printable products you create using free tools available online, he'll show it all in front of your eyes in action.

3. Module 3 : Ike Paz will give a free guide and tool to bring free traffic to your printable products.

4. Module 4 : finally he'll show you where to place your printable products to sell, whether it's an online store which is the best option to choose based on his owe recommendation or you can use other 2 free platforms to offer your products on.


For your Bonuses, please send a copy of your receipt to:

With you all the way,