Don't give up! How many times, as online marketers, have we heard that! Well, there's a good reason. Every time we give up, we have to start over. In this video and post, I tell you about a diving experience I had personally, and how what happened during that dive translates into marketing philosophy.


“Plan Your dive–Dive Your Plan.” That is the creed of the experienced SCUBA Diver. I was thumbing through a travel magazine, and I came across this quote. It stopped me in my tracks for a couple of reasons. First of all, it took me back to the time I was a beginning diver, and secondly, it really hit me that it was a metaphor for how we should operate as online marketers.

The obvious part, of course, is that we ALL must have a PLAN–both a daily plan, as well as a plan for our ongoing business. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail (another well-worn, yet still applicable quote!) Every single day, we MUST know exactly what we need to do to move our business forward, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

The larger vision must be how we expect to create our business as a whole, and where we want to ultimately be in one years' time, five years' time, and so on. Make that a part of your overall business planning strategy.


Now, on to my diving experience!

Several years ago, I was training to become a certified SCUBA diver as we were planning a trip to the Cayman Islands–a beautiful place to explore underwater sea life. Of course, being in landlocked New Mexico, there aren't very many places one can go to accomplish this feat. As beginners, we all started our training in the safe environs of a swimming pool. But, finally, the day came when we needed to take our certification dives–and that place was called “Blue Hole.”

It was called “Blue Hole” for good reason. It was a very deep, yet small pool of extremely cold water–deep enough to enable us to simulate various diving experiences.  As beginning divers, we were all accompanied on our certification dives with our dive buddy (in this case, our Instructor).

My turn finally came to perform the first maneuver–diving down to thirty feet, clearing our mask (which entailed pushing against the mask to release any water that had seeped inside), and then returning to the surface.


My Instructor and I walked into the extremely cold water until it was over our heads. Slowly, we descended down to the require depth–in this case–thirty feet. As I attempted to clear my mask, I suddenly began choking, and the panic set in! I immediately began heading to the surface with my Instructor close behind. It was an incredibly frightening, unexpected turn of events, and I began to question my abilities.

You see, the NEXT dive we had to perform was the very same dive–only at seventy feet! When you get down to seventy feet and you have an experience such as I had, you CANNOT just bolt to the surface. You risk taking in too much Nitrogen, and from that you get what's called “The Bends”–not enough oxygen, too much nitrogen, and a possible fatal outcome!

Needless to say, I was not that motivated to move forward. My Instructor gently prodded me, yet told me it was my decision to continue. Ultimately, I decided that I had spent too much time and effort to give up. I put on my snorkel and mask, straightened my spine, and down we went!

Further and further, deep into the Blue Hole, until finally we were at the appointed depth–seventy feet. My hands were shaking (and still shaking as I write this) and the time came to clear my mask. I hesitantly pushed on my mask, cleared the water, and repositioned the mask on my face. SUCCESS! I had done it! My Instructor and I then slowly ascended back to the surface while performing a maneuver called “Buddy Breathing.” Buddy Breathing is using only ONE regulator and passing back and forth to breathe as you reach towards the surface of the water. It's actually quite exhilerating!

We emerged from the water, and the feelings of accomplishment, elation and relief enveloped me. I was now a Certified SCUBA Diver. Why? Because, in the face of adversity and fear, I decided to continue onward. I did NOT give up.


I'm sure by now you can see how this story relates to our journeys as online marketers. We have to make the decision to continue and move forward on a daily basis–sometimes in the face of difficult circumstances. But, if you DO soldier onward, you WILL become one of the elite few who make it as successful online marketers.

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Have you ever had an experience like me–one in which you questioned your dedication and persistence? Tell me in the comments–I'd love to hear YOUR story. Also, if there is anything you need help with or guidance, please contact me, as well. I'd truly love to help you.

With that being said, I truly with you…..

Love, Light and Abundance,